Far Right Fails at Anti–TPA Argument

It seems that the president's request for Trade Promotion Authority ~ to grow our nation's economy and build our relationship with Asia ~ has been lost on those unfamiliar with trade policy and the dynamics of foreign relations. Commentators from the far right are starting to say that TPA is a way for the President to jam through his immigration agenda (see here for the good 'ol Brietbart coverage, or Dick Morris, if you're interested). It is clear (to those that are informed on the issue) that this is another brainless attempt to discredit the Obama administration’s historic Trans Pacific Partnership trade agreement, for nothing more than shortsighted political jab. 

Morris (of course) fails right from the start, saying that China is a part of the Trans Pacific Partnership negotiations. So how people can trust him after that on anything trade related is beyond comprehension. The House Ways & Means committee put out a blog debunking the claims, and the administration has pushed back hard - but it's not like members on the far right are going to trust the administration. 

From the  Committee on Ways and Means (chaired by Rep. Paul Ryan) – “The United States is seeking to create regulatory uniformity, increase economic competitiveness, assist small- and medium-sized enterprises in trading with other countries, promote trade and investment in new and innovative products and services, and foster global economic development. TPP has nothing to do with the President’s recent action on immigration—period.”

There's no arguing with ignorance, but at the very least, TPA and TPP detractors could get their facts straight. 

Ainsley Shea