A Touch Of Gray On A Sunny Washington Day

It was a sunny day in Washington but Senate Democrats managed to add a touch of gray to the proceedings. By voting 52-45 against granting President Obama Trade Promotion Authority (TPA) to participate in trade negotiations with global economic partners, every Democratic senator except Tom Carper of Delaware failed to overcome isolationist fears and build an American economy that protects innovation abroad and creates jobs at home.

 “Americans deserve a modern economy for a modern century,” said Patrick Rosenstiel, Executive Director of TAPP. “While we are confident that TPA will eventually be approved by Congress, we are still disappointed that Senate Democrats are further delaying actions that will inevitably benefit American workers, farmers and companies. We urge our legislators to work quickly and efficiently to rectify this mistake.”

 TAPP’s recent poll of 1,812 American voters show that the American people believe global trade agreements are critical to open trading markets to U.S. agricultural products, protect American innovations in foreign countries and create good jobs back home.

 64 percent of voters feel global trade agreements are necessary to protect intellectual property and copyrights of U.S. innovators overseas; 56 percent believe global trade agreements are the most effective way to export the rule of law, environmental standards, quality labor practices and western values; 55 percent say open markets increase the global value chain and lead to better paying jobs in the United States; and 52 percent believe that open markets are generally good for America’s farmers.

 Only 26 percent of respondents believed, “global trade agreements are a bad idea and the United States should isolate its economy to interstate commerce and the western hemisphere.”

 Enforcing the rule of law and protecting intellectual property and copyrights was the top priority for 61 percent of voters.

 “The American people deserve a prosperous future – one that allows our innovations to thrive in the global marketplace,” said Rosenstiel. “We urge Senate Democrats to recognize the error of their ways, work together for their constituents, and grant the president TPA.”

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Ainsley Shea