TAPP Launches New Website as Free Trade Campaign Intensifies

For Immediate Release
Friday, May 11, 2012
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(ST. PAUL, MN) . . . The Trade Alliance to Promote Prosperity (TAPP), America’s leading advocate for global cooperation and economic development through free trade, today announced the launch of its new website (www.promote-trade.com) in preparation for a wide ranging new grassroots trade education and awareness campaign in key battleground regions leading up to the 2012 elections.

“The new website is part of our ongoing effort to support the legislative, corporate and citizen champions of free trade with a platform of advocacy and ideas,” said TAPP Executive Director Patrick Rosenstiel. “We will also be utilizing the site as part of a much broader strategy to hold protectionist policymakers accountable to the American voters and businesses they purport to represent.”

Rosenstiel said TAPP will focus its trade advocacy campaign on both battleground farm regions, where according to the Office of the U.S. Trade Representative, agricultural exports directly support more than one million American jobs, and on battleground manufacturing states where U.S. goods and services exports support more than 10 million jobs.

“Time and again, history has proven that protectionist policies laden with high tariffs and overregulation cost jobs, diminish growth and cause America problems as we attempt to negotiate with other nations on issues ranging from nuclear proliferation to climate change. TAPP will make the case for diplomatic, fiscal, tax and trade policies that advance America’s security and promote American jobs, prosperity and growth through free trade,” Rosenstiel added.

About TAPP: TAPP is a growing coalition of American companies, workers, trade associations, opinion leaders, lawmakers and policy makers committed to building job-generating global free trade partnerships, and to rejecting failed protectionist policies of the past.

Ainsley Shea