Join our campaign to promote American prosperity and support American job-creators as they tap into growing consumer markets worldwide.

The Trade Alliance to Promote Prosperity (TAPP) is a coalition of American companies, workers, trade associations, opinion leaders, lawmakers and policymakers committed to building America’s economy by creating jobs through strategic trade partnerships that will drive growth for decades to come.

Venturing forward into the 21st century, America’s standing in the global economy will depend on our ability to create productive channels of exchange, connecting our economy with the world’s rapidly developing foreign markets. With no time for complacency, we must take swift, proactive steps to ensure that we are paving paths, not building walls, for American goods and services to flow freely, promoting good-paying American jobs and economic opportunity along the way.

Here in 2019, our primary objectives are to help secure Congressional passage of the United States-Mexico-Canada Agreement (USMCA), prevent implementation of the Trump Administration’s proposed “International Price Index” that would impose foreign price controls on Medicare Part B prescription drugs, and advance mutually beneficial bilateral and multilateral trade agreements with China, Japan, and other nations.


TAPP’s guiding principles are as follows:

- Protecting American innovation and intellectual property must be a priority in trade negotiations.
- Successful free trade agreements will support many future American jobs.
- Trade Promotion Authority is vital to the success of future trade agreements.
- To support the global supply chain, America must streamline and enforce international regulations.
- Helping to strengthen the economies of our trading partners will grow private sector investments overseas and support secure, good paying jobs here at home.

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