TAPP Celebrates the First Step Toward a Bilateral Agreement Between the United States and China

The recent announcement from Secretary of Commerce, Wilbur Ross, explained the first results of negotiations between the United States and China as part of a trade agreement. The 10-point deal opens U.S. beef imports to the Chinese market after more than a decade, and also gives China the chance to export poultry into the U.S market.

We celebrate the actions taken by both United States and Chinese leadership, for providing the first tangible results of what will lead to a bilateral trade agreement between the two largest economies in the world. These actions, taken only a month after President Trump started negotiations with President Xi, will enhance economic relations between the U.S. and China. Most important, they will strengthen jobs across the nation’s beef industry, as this opening represents a market worth $2.5 billion.

We believe that this first agreement is not only imperative to the nation’s improved economic growth, but also marks a historic event for diplomacy, as we acknowledge two world leaders coming together to enhance their performance in the global market. We are excited to see what future actions might be taken as we move toward a bilateral agreement, and can’t wait to see those results captured in America’s prospering economy.

Ainsley Shea