Roots of Innovation – The Fifth Global IP Index

Today the U.S. Chamber of Commerce’s Global Intellectual Property Center released their fifth annual Global Intellectual Property Index, highlighting the best and worst international players when it comes to protecting intellectual property. Titled, The Roots of Innovation – the United States, United Kingdom and Germany rounded out the top three countries credited for protecting intellectual property rights. Venezuela, Pakistan and India were listed as the three least favorable.

The Index reviews 45 economies based on factors falling into four categories including – patents, related rights & limitations; trademarks, related rights and limitations; trade secrets and market access; and enforcement. Designed to provide unique industry perspective on the IP standards that influence both long- and short-term business and investment decisions, the Index is a resource for both public and private sector decision makers across the globe.

Some interesting findings from this year’s report? Japan’s IP Index score rose 10% from last year as a result of the ratification of the TPP and accession of other treaties. Additionally, Index research found that IP-intensive industries pay, on average, 46% more than non-IP-intensive industries globally. Finally, IP could have a strong impact on global health – economies with IP protections scoring above the median of the Index attracted more than 20-times the number of preclinical trials than those without and 15-times more investment in life sciences.

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Ainsley Shea