Mr. Vishal Amin, new Intellectual Property Enforcement Coordinator

Mr. Vishal Amin, new Intellectual Property Enforcement Coordinator: On Thursday, August 3rd 2017, the Senate unanimously confirmed Mr. Vishal Amin,as the new Intellectual Property Enforcement Coordinator (IPEC) for the White House, a highly qualified nominee to assume this position.

Nominated by President Trump, Mr Amin currently serves as a Senior Counsel on the house Judiciary Committee. During President's George W. Bush administration, he served as Associate Director for Domestic Policy, and also as Associate Director for Policy in the Office of the Secretary. His extensive experience on intellectual property, trade and foreign policy make him a remarkable individual to assume the responsibility of this position. The IPEC position, was created under the PRO-IP Act in order to improve protection of intellectual property and enforce these responsibilities along federal agencies.

We applaud the House Judiciary Committee for their approval of Mr Amin’s nomination. For firmly believing in his expertise and the significant impact this will impose for the protection of our nation's intellectual property, which contributes greatly to the country's GDP and benefits american workers and investors. We look forward to Mr Amin's work and the opportunities to come for trade and the American economy.

Ainsley Shea