TAPP Signs Open Letter to 114th Congress on Intellectual Property

This week, TAPP was proud to join over 65 other organizations in an open letter to Members of the 114th Congress, calling for strong intellectual property protections that will offer security to America's IP-intensive industries in the global market place. From the letter: 


"Intellectual Property Rights Are Vital to Economic Competitiveness 

IP rights create jobs and fuel economic growth, turning intangible assets into exclusive property that can be traded in the marketplace. The most recent report on IP-related jobs in the U.S. from the Department of Commerce and the Patent and Trademark Office found that in 2010, direct employment in the most IP-intensive industries in the U.S. accounted for 27.1 million jobs, and indirect activities associated with those industries provided an additional 12.9 million jobs for a total of 40 million jobs, or 27.7 percent of all jobs in the economy. 

According to economists Kevin A. Hassett and Robert J. Shapiro, in 2010 the value of IP in the U.S. was between $8.1 trillion and $9.2 trillion, or the equivalent of 55-62.5 percent of GDP. In a knowledge based global economy, America’s ability to remain a world leader in innovation depends on strong protection of IP."

 To read the full letter, please visit the link below. 


Ainsley Shea