TAPP joined 54 other conservative groups today and signed onto a coalition letter in opposition to HHS International Pricing Index for Medicare Part B Drugs. Read the letter here

Colombia Sets Dangerous Precedent With Move To Disregard Privately Held Patents

By: Sara Croom 

On Friday, the Colombian government announced it would issue a “public interest declaration” allowing their nation to forcefully set a lower price on Novartis’s lifesaving cancer drug Glivec. This move flies in face of the legal bind between private industry,...

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New Identity Reflects Current Goals for International Trade WASHINGTON, D.C. (June 16, 2014)—The Trade Alliance to Promote Prosperity (TAPP) has announced the launch of its new website at Designed with improved navigation, the new web platform will support TAPP’s function as an advocate for fair and responsible...

Terry trade work appreciated

U.S. Rep. Lee Terry deserves a great deal of credit for chairing last week’s hearing on Capitol Hill, “A Tangle of Trade Barriers: How India’s Industrial Policy Is Hurting U.S. Companies.” It was perhaps the most important public conversation to date concerning India’s recent, egregious intellectual property violations.

The United...

The Honorable Chairman Lee Terry and the Honorable Ranking Member Jan Schakowsky
Subcommittee on Commerce, Manufacturing, and Trade
Committee on Energy and Commerce
U.S. House of Representatives
2125 Rayburn House Office Building
Washington, DC 20515

Dear Chairman Terry and Ranking Member Schakowsky,

I write today on behalf of the Trade Alliance to Promote...

By Patrick Rosenstiel for Scranton Times-Tribune

As Secretary of State John Kerry travels to India this month to represent U.S. interests at the 4th Indo-U.S. Strategic Dialogue, I echo Sen. Bob Casey's recent statement...

WASHINGTON -- As we negotiate bilateral and multilateral trade agreements around the globe, our top priority must be protecting the intellectual property rights of North American companies. This goes for patents for life-saving cancer medications as well as creative copyrights for movie productions. 

India is the latest example of the international erosion of intellectual property rights...

May 23, 2013

The Honorable Chairman Max Baucus
Finance Committee
United States Senate
511 Hart Senate Office Building Washington, DC 20510

Dear Chairman Baucus:

As the Trans-Pacific Partnership, “fast-track” trade authority, and the proposed U.S.-EU trade pact take center stage in Congress, we urge members and the administration to embrace protocols that...

For Immediate Release
Friday, March 8, 2013
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The Trade Alliance to Promote Prosperity (TAPP), an advocate for global cooperation and economic development through free trade, urges global policymakers to take a closer look at the facts about re-shoring in America as opponents ramp up “off-shoring” rhetoric in reaction to the agreement between...