August 29, 2013

China is Alaska’s largest export market, and the country's ambassador to the U.S. says it would like to do more business with the Last Frontier.

Tuesday Ambassador Cui Tiankai and Senator Mark Begich spoke about building a stronger business relationship. The ambassador expressed great interest in buying more energy.

The ambassador said he loves Alaska’s seafood and encourages the...

August 22, 2013
By Richard Woodard
As the latest round of Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) trade talks gets underway, US apparel and footwear retailers and importers have been talking up the pact's ability to boost exports, create jobs and benefit US consumers.The American Apparel & Footwear Association (AAFA) said a correctly structured TPP could help generate US textile and apparel exports.To be successful, it argued, the...
August 20, 2013
By Toko Sekiguchi

TOKYO--Top trade negotiators for Japan and the U.S. met on Monday to discuss the Trans-Pacific partnership free trade talks, hoping to work out long-running points of contention ahead of a 12-nation meeting in Brunei later in the week.

Framing the TPP talks as an integral part of President Barack Obama's Asia Pacific rebalancing strategy, U.S. Trade Representative Michael Froman...

August 13, 2013
Via Forbes
By Gary Shapiro

Our international leaders are finally getting serious about global free trade – and not a moment too soon. Earlier this month, the United States and the European Union began talks on trade, after almost two years of preparation. Establishing a U.S.-EU free trade agreement is crucial for the global economy, and will strengthen businesses of all sizes, opening up the global market to competition...

August 7, 2013

A sharp decline in the trade deficit with other nations suggests the U.S. economy grew this spring at a faster pace than previously estimated, helped by a record level of exports.

The Commerce Department said Tuesday that the U.S. trade gap fell more than 22 percent in June from May to $34.2 billion. That’s lowest level since October 2009.

American companies shipped more aircraft...

August 7, 2013
By William Davison

American companies should share the benefits of trade with sub-Saharan Africa as the U.S. examines extending duty-free access for imports from many nations on the continent, Trade Representative Michael Froman said.

The U.S. African Growth and Opportunity Act, approved by the U.S. Congress in 2000 and extended in 2004, is meant to boost economies on the world’s poorest continent. The law...

August 5, 2013
By Michael Barris and Li Jiabao

Chinese experts are urging the United States to loosen restrictions on high-tech exports to China to balance bilateral trade and spur the U.S. economic recovery.

The call comes as the U.S. has pledged to work hard to expand its shipments to China and to reclaim 10 percent of China's total imports by 2015.

Although China remained the U.S.' third-largest export market in 2012, buying...

August 1, 2013

The U.S. hopes negotiations for a free trade deal with the European Union will drive growth-oriented reforms in the EU economy, the top American trade official said Tuesday.

In a similar vein, U.S. Trade Representative Michael Froman said China's recent agreement to negotiate a bilateral investment treaty with the United States is a chance to press for economic reforms in the Asian giant...

August 1, 2013

Japan and the United States will hold trade negotiations next week in Tokyo in parallel with the Trans-Pacific Partnership free-trade talks, the government said Thursday.

During the three-day meeting from Wednesday, Japan, which joined the TPP talks last week, will discuss safety standards and other matters in connection with autos, the insurance sector and intellectual property issues...

July 31, 2013

Trade minister Toshimitsu Motegi and U.S. Trade Representative Michael Froman agreed Wednesday to promote talks between their countries in parallel with the Trans-Pacific Partnership free-trade negotiations.

This accord came a day after Japan made its debut as the 12th member in the U.S.-led TPP talks.

Tokyo and Washington plan to hold the first round of bilateral talks in August,...